Story Ideas

Need inspiration?

There are so many interesting, engaging and compelling stories to share about greengrocers and florists the quality fresh produce and flowers that they buy and sell. Here are a few ideas to get your planning underway.

Fruit, Vegetable and Herb/Greengrocer, Providore or Wholesaler Story Ideas

  1. Create a story about eating a seasonal fruit and vegetable rich diet, and tie it back to your local greengrocer.
  2. Healthy eating and the role your local greengrocer plays in your lifestyle.
  3. Craft a story about a particular fruit or vegetable, share a recipe, and feature the fresh produce and your local greengrocer, Sydney Market or a providore.
  4. Get to know your local greengrocer, providore or wholesaler. Tell a story of their heritage, how they came to be in the fresh business and share their day-to-day routine.
  5. Talk your readers on a virtual walk through your local greengrocer, show them the range of fresh produce, and tell them why you love shopping there.
  6. While the city sleeps, your local greengrocer has already had their first coffee and is walking the around Sydney Markets in search of the freshest produce at the right price. Follow your greengrocer or providore to Sydney Markets and give your readers an insight into a day in the life of your greengrocer.
  7. Follow your greengrocer as their buy fresh vegetables from the Sydney Growers Market; tell the story of a specific grower and the greengrocers and grower relationship.
  8. Write about what’s in season and tie it back to your local greengrocer.
  9. How to save money when shopping for fresh fruit and tie it back to shopping at your local greengrocer.
  10. Does your local greengrocer, a Sydney Markets based providore or wholesaler supply a local restaurant? Share a story about their relationship and what delicious creations the chef creates with seasonal produce.
  11. Share a story about Sydney Markets and the many local greengrocers and growers that rely on the central market system, remember to name and link to a specific business.
  12. Tips on photographing fresh produce, purchased from your local greengrocer.

*Please note all fruit, vegetable or herb stories must tie back in to one or more greengrocers, a Sydney Markets based providore or wholesaler and mention them by name and location.


Fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, health, shopping, preparing, eating, cooking, seasonal eating, small business, lifestyle, selection and storage of fresh produce, family business, supporting a local business, community, family, multicultural, healthy benefits.

Flower/florist or Flower Grower story ideas

  1. Flowers memories or favourites* link to a flower grower (in the Sydney Flower Market) or a florist
  2. Share a story about your local florist. From market to an event follow the flowers. This could be a wedding, special event styling, birthday, funeral, fashion, life style etc.*
  3. What flowers are in season and how to get creative with them.*
  4. Flower trends.*
  5. Buying and arranging fresh flowers.
  6. Fresh flowers and the meaning of flowers.*
  7. From lawyer to florist. Why men and women love a career creating with fresh flowers.
  8. Flowers in fashion, for example, David Jones windows and the florist behind the stunning displays.*
  9. Hotel foyers and the florists that create the beautiful displays.
  10. Follow your florist to the Sydney Market Flower Market and walk a day in their shoes.
  11. Sending beautiful flowers – tips and hints.
  12. Where you buy your flowers and why?*
  13. Craft a story about a flower grower, follow them to market and write about the florists that buy the flowers from them.
  14. Flower styling tips from your local florist.
  15. Tips on photographing fresh flowers bought from your local florist.


Fresh cut flowers, colour, fragrance, traditional, classic, old fashioned favourites, flower grower, posies, special events, gifts and gift giving, arrangements, skills, weddings, flowers in hospitality, traditions, Christmas, flower schools, floristry, techniques, novel ideas, seasonal flowers, natives, trends, home decorating with flowers.

*Please note all flower stories must tie back in to one or more florists or a flower grower that sells through Sydney Flower Market and mention them by name and location.